Live Transfers Direct

VoiceBroadcasting2 is an industry leader specializing in Live Transfer Leads and performance-based online marketing, which means we generate leads on a CPL (Cost per Lead) basis. We drive traffic to your landing page and only charge on conversions. We can customize your existing offer (landing page or website) or have our web design team build one for you, so each one of your leads is branded to your company and truly exclusive to you.

With our in house publishers and top affiliates that specialize in various channels of advertising such as opt-in email, search, social media and display, we guarantee that the traffic we drive to your offer is the highest quality and will give you the return on investment you are looking for.

Stop purchasing leads from lead brokers and generate your own live, exclusive sales leads branded in your own company name. Lead companies supplement orders with shared and aged leads and incentivized traffic. Cut out the lead brokers and watch your sales sky rocket.

BENEFITS of Generating your own Live Leads!

  • Highest Quality
  • Better Pricing
  • Control of your marketing
  • Better ROI
  • Leads truly Exclusive to your company