Pre-Qualified Live Transfers


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Live Transfers is a pioneer in the service of Live Transfers in the sales leads industry. We offer live transfers in the following industries:

  • Mortgage
  • Debt Consolidation/Settlement
  • Insurance
  • Auto
  • Education
  • Business Loans
  • Mercant Cash Advance

We also offer custom live transfer campaigns in any industry. We service some of the largest lenders and brokers nationally, as well as thousands of single agents across the country.

Live Transfers consistently launches a multitude of online and offline marketing campaigns to drive traffic to our in-house call center. Once the consumer calls into our office, one of our live operators will pre-qualify the interested consumer and will gather specific information based on our customers requests.

When a viable lead comes in, and after we have collected his/her information, the lead is then transferred directly to the number selected. The sales person then picks up the phone and closes 15-25% of our live calls into sales.